Initially developed for fish farming, our modular floating docks system is now used in a wide range of other applications:
  • Port and marina floating docks
  • floating docks for Fish farming, fisheries
  • Modular floating docks for Industrial and Public Works (works platforms, floating platforms for divers and underwater operations, self-propelled barges, floating gantries for water treatment plants, floating solar panel installations…)
  • Floating docks for Leisure and sports clubs
  • Floating docks for Bathing platforms, ocean swimming pools
  • Floating dry docks for PWC and motor boats
  • Military use (floating bridge, helicopter landing pads, anti-pollution booms, anti-intrusion installations…)
  • Various types of eventsfloating performance stages barges for firework displays
  • Modular floating docks for Floating homes, floating restaurants
CUBISYSTEM modular floating docks can be purchased as permanent installations, or leased as temporary systems.